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cat eyes

Cette jeune artiste originaire de Boston aura marqué les esprits en 2012, avec cette voix définitivement soul et des titres comme « Help Us » (produit par Bobby Digital et rentré cet été dans le TOP 25 des singles reggae) ou encore « Me and My Weed ». Une Nouvelle facette du reggae féminin qu’il faudra surveiller. Attention aux yeux: Lumières sur Cat Eyes:


Who is Cat Eyes ? Can you introduce yourself?
I am a normal person with stories to tell to anyone who will listen.

Where’re you from ?
I was born in Kansas raised everywhere, but spent a good amount of years in Boston.

At what age did you begin to sing and realize that you want become an artist?
I was 13 when I realized I could be open with it. Before that I was shy.

How To Define Your Musical Style?
Based on producers I’ve worked with its a mixture of reggae and r&b.. To me music is music

Who and what inspires you to write?
Many different artist but I remember my aunt Jas the most in church.

How do you explain the « help us » international success?
To be honest, I can’t. I have yet to see the success of that song to my liking anyway.


Which artists inspire you most?
Bob Marley, Beres Hammond, Maxi Priest, Toni Braxton, Sade .

What are your thoughts about the current conflict between Jamaican female singers (Spice & Macka Diamond or Lady Saw & Tifa)?
Conflicts as far as what exactly?

You recorded a song with Sizzla, Tell us about It?
It wasn’t a collab done how I would of wanted it.. I wrote my part and sent it off and he felt it out and did his thing. I am intimate with my songs and that particular song I couldn’t get close to.

With which other artist or band would you love to record?
Buju, Damien Marley, Taurus Riley, Tessanne Chin.

What are your plans for 2013?
Completely undecided :)

Are you planning to go on Tour any time soon?
Still working on that.

What are your best memories on stage?
I have yet to have the best moment on stage.

Valentine’s Day is Coming Soon. Is there a Special “Guest” in your life at this point?
No comment.

What qualities do you find attractive in a guy?
Ambitious, funny, stable, consistent (positively), family oriented, loving.

And what about the weed? Still in love with it? Can you tell us how you got the idea for the very sweet « me & my weed ».
The weed tune came from the riddim after I listened to it, that’s what came to mind so I went with it, and no I don’t smoke but when you are around it, because of the business I’m in it’s a round me I watch and observe everyone get more mellow and relax so i can record sweet songs like me and my weed and so on.

You recently recorded « dreaming », Tell us about it, its a true story?
Dreaming is a friend that was asking me how to approach this female, that i know and he’s rely not good at talking to females.

Outside music what are your main interests?
Family, my god which surround my life.

Whose album do you have in your CD player?
Cd I don’t have one in my player right now before that it was Hero.

Last word for the fans?
Live life to the fullest.

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